Petroleum derivatives irritating to the skin and mucosae

Petrolatum, paraffinum liquidum, isoparaffin, Vaseline, mineral oil are all ingredients derived from petroleum which are extremely polluting and irritating and are often found in products used daily (creams, hydrating oils, cocoa butter, cleansing milk etc.). They are so widely used in production that they have replaced natural (equally effective) ingredients, for two fundamental reasons:
1. They are much more economical than natural ingredients and consequently their use makes the production cheaper and generates higher profits.
2. They are water repellent, and their hydrating power apparently consists in forming an unnatural barrier between the skin and the surrounding environment (so that it is not dehydrating), ensuring that the skin appears moist externally and dry below. As this barrier is not recognized by the body, the skin is prevented from transpiring naturally and germs remain unaffected below, leading to irritations of the epidermis.

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