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Millions of women, young and old alike, suffer from irritating vaginal dryness and burning!  With these symptoms may also come painful intercourse!  Vaginal dehydration, or loss of water, can come from changes within the vaginal flora or eco system, estrogenic depletion from the menopausal transition or even as a result of a medication side effect.  It is often confusing for the consumer and health care professional to recommend specific over the counter products. Here is a quick reference guide as to why women and health care professionals are choosing Lubrigyn products…

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Attention to Ingredients:

Lubrigyn is a non-hormonal product that contains both hyaluronic acid and elastin. Both ingredients offer a safe effective and clinically proven alternative to help relieve, restore and replenish the vaginal mucosa or lining. Hyaluronic acid is hydrating and has been studied as a vaginal gel for its soothing and restorative qualities. It is thought to reverse the natural aging process of the skin and is well known for its moisturizing qualities. It eliminates vaginal irritation, burning and dryness without impacting the vaginal micro environment.  Elastin is also a non-hormonal extracellular matrix protein that allows many body parts to be flexible, stretch and then return to their original shape after motion or movement.  Recoiling and tissue support is made possible by elastin. Elastin remains essential for stetchability, pliability and for tissue to maintain its integrity and supple qualities.  Hyaluronic Acid and Elastin work in concert with each other, to provide an excellent nurturing composition to help soothe and relieve vaginal dryness.

No Harsh Additives

Lubrigyn Cream® is well position to become the optimal product for women!  It   does not contain: soda, sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, hormones, lanolin, or hydrocarbons.These are often considered harsh irritative additives that can disrupt the natural balance of the tissues and vaginal environment.

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Washing is the First Act of Cosmetic Care

Water is inadequate to control odor and properly clean the vulvar area.  Lubrigyn uses emulsifyingoils to properly hydrate and clean away dirty build up without disruption of the hydrolipidic fat layer

Attention to Detail

Unidern is a family owned Italian business with a European philosophy to high quality and attention to detail. They combine high quality ingredients, with affordability cost to provide excellent superior products for women. They maintain

A commitment to professionalism and dedication to women’s care.Lubrigyn is a hand-crafted product by a company that is dedicated to the creation of superior feminine cosmetics and medical devices.  It focuses on the details of innovation, research, and commands detailed quality control with the use of superior ingredient.  It is a predominately female company that is sensitive to the individual woman’s needs throughout her lifecycle.

Lubrigyn is Cost Effective

High quality at affordable pricing makes vulvar comfort affordable for the everyday working woman.

Lubrigyn Cream’s active principles, combined with itsinherent strength and the delicacy of its ingredients, makes it an effective daily product for all women. It is pH balanced, has natural ingredients and the additional benefit of a hydrophilic film that nurtures and protects the mucosal lining.

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