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How to manage different schedules and stay content in your relationship.

In a relationship, you may find that one person can stay up late and sleep in while the other is up early in the morning and goes to sleep earlier in the evening. When you’re a night owl and your partner is an early bird, you may find that it can take a slight toll on the relationship after a while. The two individuals may need to make a sacrifice for the other to be able to do breakfast or brunch together and even go to a later dinner.

It may be helpful to know that statistics show there are 25% of Americans that are early birds (otherwise known as larks) and the same percentage for night owls. It can be difficult to be able to sleep in the same room together at night since one will be active and the other will be asleep. Couples have taken to sleeping in separate bedrooms. To make the relationship successful, you must adapt accordingly to each other’s schedules.

Be Courteous to Your Partner’s Schedule

If you are the early bird in your relationship, be mindful that your partner is still sleeping in the morning. You will want to avoid household chores that create a lot of noise such as vacuuming. Do quiet tasks around the house instead. You can try doing yoga or meditation in the morning to create a healthy mindset for the day while your partner is sleeping.

If you are the night owl in the relationship, you may want to keep it down at night while your partner is sleeping. Avoid keeping the TV at a higher volume; it may be in your partner’s best interest to not host a game night while they are in bed. You can try doing quieter tasks around the home, as well. Both individuals (whether you are a night owl or the morning person) can leave the house to run errands, work out or hang out with friends and family to allow the other person their space that they need for rest.

Remember Your Partner’s Lifestyle Choices Aren’t About You

An important reminder to couples that have a night and morning person, try not to take their schedules personally. Each of you are different and have chosen to come together to be a couple. It will take dedication and hard work to balance out your schedules. But also, understand that their schedules are a part of who they are as a person.

Stay Focused on the Positives

While different schedules can be challenging, focus on the strong bond between you and your partner. Do that instead of thinking of the lack of time being spent together. Remind each other with words of affirmation and reassure that they are who you are wanting. You can also make sure they are always aware that it is not personal towards them; they are still loved. This will help lessen feelings of loneliness within the relationship.

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