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Found naturally in our skin, Hyaluronic Acid (HA) holds moisture and helps keep it hydrated and plump.

The HA within our bodies holds a thousand times its weight in water to not only retain all that moisture in our skin and joints, but also prevents all the water from evaporating into the air. This clear and gooey substance is found in its largest amounts in our skin, connective tissue, and eyes. Taken by many as a supplement, topical serum or eye drops, HA promotes healthier skin and even aids in accelerating the healing of wounds.


Help repair your body with the power of Hyaluronic Acid

HA can help regulate inflammation levels and signal the body to build more blood vessels in the affected area. The concentration of Hyaluronic Acid found in our skin increases dramatically when there is damage or a need for repair. The application of Hyaluronic Acid will aid in reducing the size of wounds and cause a decrease in the pain you would feel. However, the antibacterial properties set it apart from typical treatments for wounds. The direct application of Hyaluronic Acid to wounds decreases the risk of infection and helps avoid those gnarly scars.

How Skincare Products Can Help as We Age

The natural amounts of HA decreases in our bodies as we get older. There are ways to help stimulate production of Hyaluronic Acid in our bodies. Eating fruits and vegetables with a lot of antioxidants protects the skin from inflammation and in return retains the moisture. There are skincare products that you can use to keep yourself looking younger longer, too. When purchasing skincare products like moisturizers, creams and serums, many times you are receiving a dose of HA in one form or another. When Hyaluronic Acid is applied, it gives the skin a dewy appeal and improves the skin’s elasticity. Thus, assisting in helping the skin’s appearance looking supple and younger longer.

Injectable Hyaluronic Acid

There are also injectables in gel form that add volume to the dermal layer of the skin. When used as a filler, Hyaluronic Acid lasts for about a year. This substance dissolves naturally, meaning you do not have to go in to have the filler removed by a doctor. Hyaluronic Acid creates volume because it draws in water to the area and creates a filling effect. Since Hyaluronic Acid’s composition is so closely related to substances in our bodies, it works well as a filler that does not cause major irritation. HA can also add volume to areas like the lips and cheeks, which naturally lose volume over time. Unlike some skincare products, Hyaluronic Acid absorbs quickly into the skin meaning you lose less product.

In general, Hyaluronic Acid is safe for all skin types, but it is especially helpful for those with dry skin. Hyaluronic Acid can be applied twice a day topically, at morning and at night during your skincare routine, but injected Hyaluronic Acid and ingested Hyaluronic Acid should be given to you by a doctor.



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