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Although the news may appear bleak and disheartening, there is some exciting news coming from Italy. Italians are known to be strong,resilient, and resourceful. Italians have brought the world tasty treats such as savory gelato, amazing pizzas, and delicious pasta. Sought after designer Italian brands such as Gucci, Ferragamo and Prada continue to develop and shape the world in fashion. They remain the leaders of art (Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci and Bernini are among the most recognizable and most celebrated in the world). The field of cosmetics is no exception.


Uniderm, the trusted makers of Lubrigyn cream, lotion, and wipes, islaunching their new cosmeceutical line of products this month, Collagenil. Collagenil Laboratories is the Italian company established as a child of Uniderm Farmaceutici, which was created to focus the skills and experience of the parent company to create innovative cosmetics based on cutting edge innovative technologies and high-quality ingredients. The resultant products are in high demand across the world and have been certified by the Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SIME).

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Uniderm Farmaceutici was established in 1975and remains a family owned business that is committed to research and innovation. It has a strong sense of duty and commitment to health care professionals. They are dedicated to medical professionalism while still embracing and maintaining their family owned feel. Uniderm remains a fully integrated company with in-house production factory, state of the art research and development, national and international marketing and sales departments and distributions throughout Italy, Spain, Russia, and United Arab Emirates. The obvious next step was to venture into the United States’ marketplace.

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The new product line is based on the three guiding principles.



A depth of knowledge from ongoing R&D and vigilant attention to ever-changing consumer needs forms the foundation of the values and skills that characterize the work of Collagenil Laboratories today.


Maintaining synergy harmony and balance is core to Collagenil Laboratories and is reflected in every single ingredient and formulationin every single product.


Every woman’s sense of beauty and wellbeing should be based on her personal standards, not on societal pressure to conform to unrealistic beauty norms. At Collagenil Laboratories the goal is to help women meet their own standards of beauty and to achieve their own sense of wellbeing.


Some of the most popular lines include Bio Longevity which is a revolutionary,complete, and effective global anti-aging line which relies on the synergy between several new generation ingredients. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging by combining the anti-wrinkle action with important revitalizing and boosting properties. The final result is an improved look of skin that has suffered typical degenerative effects of chronoaging that generally starts around age 30.Liftensive is Collagenil Laboratories’ line dedicated to lifting and toning the skin, thereby creating a perfect facial harmony.


Explore the other uniquely crafted products at

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The cosmeceutical line of unique products is carefully crafted and destined to become yourcosmetic of choice.Theproducts are sleek, fast acting yet at affordable pricing and soon to be the “Lamborghini or Maserati” of the cosmetic industry for every man or woman. Italian hand-crafted workmanship at its best, highly desired for everyone with remarkable results.

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