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“Cleansing by Affinity” means to draw out impurities with natural oils instead of harsh ingredients or harmful lather. This method of cleansing safeguards and nourishes the hydrolipid film that protects the delicate skin around the vagina. This keeps you feeling comfortable, confident – and sexy all day long.

Why does it matter? You certainly can use regular soap or body wash to clean your intimate area, but you put yourself at risk of irritation, dryness and discomfort. Unlike conventional soaps and body washes, Lubrigyn cleans “by affinity” so it is nourishing to your skin. Choosing the right cleanser is critical for your vaginal health.

Many over-the-counter foamy and bubbly soaps may further inflame and chafe the sensitive vulva and should be avoided. Natural, oil-based cleansers like Lubrigyn Cleansing Lotion® is a smarter choice to help soothe and protect.

During a woman’s lifetime— and especially during the menopausal transition— the vulvar and the vaginal area can change in texture. The menopausal period is typically accompanied with vaginal and vulvar irritation, dryness and other changes in the perianal area (located between the vaginal opening and the anus). The vulva, vagina, and clitoris can become very dry, irritated, and even sore to touch as a result of falling estrogen levels. To prevent or minimize pain, itching, redness, or burning— and for overall health and comfort— one must take proper care of the vulva and surrounding area.

It is important to think of the vulvar area as an extension of your skin. Just as you respect and treat your face with care, choosing high quality facial products that nurture and preserve the integrity of your skin, so too should you cleanse and care for your vaginal area. If you are going through menopause, be aware that some of these vulvar and genital changes can be minimized and that small changes in perianal and vulvar hygiene can help preserve and prevent further damage to this already sensitive area.

Keeping your vaginal area healthy, silky smooth and revitalized is easy as long as you follow some practical suggestions, including choosing a natural daily cleanser that will nourish and moisturize as it delicately cleans.

If your daily intimate hygiene product is a lathering wash, you should know that it may be harmful to your intimate area. Lather is often created, in many intimate soap, by sodium lauryl sulfate, which needs to be rinsed off completely and thoroughly. Why? It can cause your delicate ecosystem to swing out of balance, which increases the possibility of irritation and discomfort.

Lubrigyn’s natural oils blend with the skin’s own oils to clean and dissolve dirt, bacteria, and other substances. In fact, the medical community supports the notion that one of the most effective ways to dissolve a non-polar solvent like sebum/oil is by using another non-polar solvent— another oil. Made with the finest natural oils and compatible with the skin’s own oils, Lubrigyn leaves the delicate vaginal area nourished, moisturized and balanced— but never sticky or greasy.

Lubrigyn Cleansing Lotion ® can be used with or without water and will safely clean the intimate area— removing toxins, impurities and leaving your skin silky smooth, moisturized and refreshed. It is a hypoallergenic, natural pH balanced cleanser that contains elastin, hyaluronic acid and botanicals. In fact, it can be used as an all-over body cleaner.

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