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Physical and emotional intimacy can dwindle in certain seasons of life. Luckily, there are ways to rekindle the flame.

Intimacy with another person is a huge part of what makes relationships strong, and what makes them stand the test of time. If you feel that intimacy – whether physical or emotional – is lacking in your relationship, you may feel lost as to how to give it a boost. Here are a few ways you can boost intimacy with your partner and feel closer than ever.

How to Boost Physical Intimacy with Your Partner

Separate Sexual Intimacy from Your Daily Routine

Sometimes, it’s easy for partners to fall into the same old patterns when initiating sex. When the lights go out, you or your partner may automatically try to initiative intimacy. Each time, you may find that your partner declines because they’re too exhausted from the day. What if you tried mixing things up? If the very end of the day isn’t the right time to initiate, what about when they first get home? Separating routine from sex is an important and necessary step to rebuilding intimacy.

Couple Dancing

Focus on Affectionate Moments

Sex isn’t often a one-touch button for all partners. Rather than trying to force a moment suddenly, you can try building up to intimacy by focusing on affectionate moments throughout the day. Holding hands, affectionate touching, kissing, and sweet or sexy texts can help keep intimacy at the forefront of both your minds throughout the day. You may be surprised at how things can heat up at the end of the day.

How to Boost Emotional Intimacy with Your Partner

Indulge in Each Other’s Passions

You love sports, but your partner is more of a film buff. If you find that you both tend to enjoy your habits along, you may feel that you can’t express your passion to one another. Sharing in your partner’s joy is a big part of emotional intimacy. Why not share each other’s passions by joining in the fun? Your partner might not enjoy watching sports but may find a documentary about your team to be an interesting angle. Similarly, you may not be a big movie person, but can sit down and watch a classic that’s been on your list, but you’ve never gotten around to watching.

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Switch Up Your Patterns

With emotional intimacy, similar to physical intimacy, it’s easy to fall into routines that don’t contribute to closeness with your partner. Getting up, heading into work, returning, and having dinner together can get old after a while. So why not switch it up? Try video chatting your partner at lunch, surprising them with a gift at midday, or order in one night? These are ways to add some novelty to your everyday – and can provide great opportunities to surprise and delight each other along the way.

Boosting physical and emotional intimacy in your relationship can feel like a challenge. Indeed, both you and your partner have to be open to change to make it happen. But with these easy-to-try methods, you could find that intimacy is easier to come by than you may have thought.

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