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If you are getting tired of the same routine day after day, then it is time to find a new adventure, a new book to read, or an event to try this month. There are new things to do locally and there are activities that can be done by yourself or with your family at home.

Family Fun

  1. Go Camping
    There are state parks to visit that allow camping and you can enjoy a great family bonding experience. While you are out there, tell stories of your childhood to your family and friends, roast marshmallows and relax. If you are tight on a budget and cannot travel, you can camp in your living room or backyard. Either way, you will have great bonding time.
  2. DIY and New Recipes
    Learn how to make new things with the family to keep them busy when bored. There are a lot of things out there to learn how to make for kids such as slime, make bracelets/necklaces, plant a garden or, if you are more on the craftsman side, try building a dresser or desk. A paint session with the kids either on canvas or painting a designated area in the home will allow for bonding and allow their creativity to shine. The list for children DIY goes on. For adults, you can learn to make new adult beverages with your favorite spirits and wines or try a new dinner recipe to host with for you and your family/friends
  3. Game Time!
    If you are a family with kids, you may try hide-and-seek to get them moving and drain some of their energy. There are card games, board games and active games like charades and Simon Says. Other ideas for games are bowling alleys, learn to juggle, amusement parks, arcades or even taking the kids to play tennis or to a playground. It is important to find an activity that would be new to your family.
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Adult Activities

  1. Activities
    Enjoy new adventures around the city such as Hot Air Balloon rides, zip line parks or experience a sky diving center. If you are more into admiring the artistic work of others, then there are museums and art galleries that you can explore. For bonding, you can try escape rooms and trying a new restaurant with a group of loved ones or take a dance class.
  2. Scenic Route
    You and your friends can come together and travel by train to see the city, going for a hike at a new trail or exploring the local downtown scene.
  3. Self-Care
    Take a class on a subject related to your career or something that you are interested in to expand your knowledge in that area. For self-care, you can take a yoga class, meditate at your local park, get a massage to help work out any tensions in your body or try a new physical fitness class. For mental self-care, you can try painting, get out on the water to relieve stress on the mind or you can start writing (poem, blog, etc.) to help get your thoughts out from the day.

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