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I used to joke that I should find a night job. Even when I easily fell asleep at around 10:30 p.m., I’d wake a few hours later, and often toss and turn till until the wee hours. I tried a prescription sleep aid, then liquid melatonin, but I wasn’t keen about the way they made me feel in the morning. I finally discovered an over-the-counter, all-natural formula that works well, but millions of other ladies still are in the dark–lying awake, that is!

The results of an exclusive poll of 250 women, 45+, reveals that 50% of us have trouble getting to sleep, and a whopping 76% have problems staying asleep. Those numbers are out of sight!

What’s more:

  • 89% of the women get fewer than six hours of uninterrupted sleep each night, which doesn’t make for happy campers the next day.
  • Lack of sleep affects the daily activities of 60% of the respondents.
  • The majority of women, 60%, hit the sack between 10:00 p.m. and midnight; 6% retire before 9:00 p.m. and 8% after 1:00 a.m.
  • Not surprisingly, 66% of the women who participated in the poll started having sleep problems after they turned 50 years old, no doubt linked to the hormonal changes taking place in their bodies during menopause. Night sweats disrupt the sleep of 37% of you, and 78% blame anxiety for your inability to fall asleep in the first place. Snoring husbands or partners don’t help the already dismal situation: 29% of the women surveyed have noisy bedmates who keep them up.
  • Most every woman turns to some kind of sleep aid to help her get the zzz’s she needs, from OTC products like melatonin, to prescription drugs such as Ambien, to natural remedies including lavender on the bed linens. Unfortunately, less than half the women ( 47%) report that the aids they use are moderately or very effective. The rest still toss and turn.

Coping with our changing bodies during the menopausal transition sometimes seems like a full-time job. But being resourceful women, we never give up our quest to find ways that help us feel–and look–our best, from sleeping more soundly to giving tender loving care to everything from our hair to our (often drying and uncomfortable) vaginas. The solution for that last issue is inexpensive and easy: Lubrigyn Cleansing Lotion.

Try it today! Itchy or painful vaginal tissue certainly doesn’t have to keep you up, or keep you down!

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