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Have you been looking for a way to travel, but may not have the funds or the time to plan it out? Well, welcome to a world of virtual traveling. As we know, traveling can be expensive and challenging with planning out itineraries for you and your family and friends. In these challenging times, visiting beautiful destinations isn’t often possible. Of course, like most, you may want to see places like Paris and Japan in person. If you are struggling to make an in-person trip, try virtual traveling. There are websites that allow you to see the sights without leaving your couch.

Top 3 Virtual Destinations:

1.Machu Picchu
Explore the green covered mountains and stone walls that are lined with adventures. In the virtual tour provided by, you will virtually join fellow tourists enjoying the attractions and beauty that Machu Picchu has to offer. The tour on this site is very interactive and has a feature to put on goggles to explore the sights much closer. You will start to feel like you’re really there!

2.White House
The website for Google Arts & Culture provides two different virtual tours. The Eisenhower Executive Office Building, Art and Décor of the White House. The Art and Décor of the White House tour is segmented into two sections. Within these two tours, you will learn the history that lies within the house through the 147 different paintings. This tour provides brief details and background on each painting. There are also four museum views that you can see: Explore the White House, Eisenhower Executive Office Building, The White House – Indoors and The White House – Outdoors. For Google Arts & Culture website, there is an app, too. You have the choice to be on-the-go or be on your couch!

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3.Natural World in Washington, D.C.
Through the site, you can view six different tours: Permanent Exhibits, Current Exhibits (present day), Past Exhibits, Museum Support Center and Research Stations, Various Smithsonian views and Narrated Tours. Once you click on the tour of your choice, you will be directed to view the museum as if you are there! This is a perfect opportunity for kids to learn and have fun right from your home.

Top 3 In-Person Destinations

According to Forbes, these are the top 3 places to visit.

1.Bali, Indonesia
Bali has been described as paradise as there is almost a little bit of everything you can imagine available there. Volcanoes, beaches, and jungles offer many sites and adventures. Sounds too good to be true, right? Many have this destination on their Bucket Lists.

2.New Orleans, Louisiana
NOLA is known for the festivals, street music and mix of French, African and American cultures recognized in foods, music and celebrations. New Orleans is a place packed with adventures on every street.

3.Kerry, Ireland
This is a county located in West Ireland. This location has stunning coasts, mountains and lakes that have been seen on post cards. This location is also the home of Killarney National Park. This was the first National Park in Ireland and has trails in Muckross, Knockreer and Ross Island areas.

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Whether you choose to travel virtually or in-person, it will be an experience packed with history lessons, antique artwork and interesting sights. These were only to name a few destinations, so to learn more destinations type in where you want to go on a search engine and see what you find for that location.

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