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Remember when you were a teen, and every evening meant spending time alone in your bedroom, dreaming up grand schemes, playing video games, or just chatting with friends? Those were the days, right? When you become a grown-up, finding time to be alone can be a real challenge. Insert family responsibilities, work responsibilities, and life in general, and it’s hard to catch even a moment to yourself!

Studies have shown that there are many benefits to spending time alone. From boosting productivity to reconnecting with yourself spiritually—there are many good reasons to being all about you from time to time.

1. Solitude can improve the quality of your relationships.

One common reason people give for not spending time alone is that they value their relationships with others. Friends want to brunch! Your partner wants to go on a nice date! Your kids want you to play a game!

Being active in your relationships is key to nurturing and growing them, for sure. But it’s also true that spending time by yourself can improve your relationships, too. By spending time unplugged, away from others, fully engaged in doing “your own thing,” you can come back to your relationships refreshed and even more appreciative of your loved ones.

2. Spending Time Alone Can Boost Creativity

Thinking back to when you were a teen, how many beautiful magazine collages, short stories, or on-trend outfits did you put together? Spending time alone in your room gave your mind time to wander—and imagine.

Bring back solitude to your life, even just for a few hours each week, and focus on doing something creative. Pick a Pinterest activity, tackle a creative project you’ve been holding back on, or practice an elaborate, luxurious skincare routine. This can help you return to life with a fresh perspective and a more open, expressive mind.

3. Being Alone Allows You to Reconnect with Yourself

When others constantly surround you, you can easily get lost in the current of their actions and desires. Taking time to be alone with your thoughts can help you reconnect with your mind. What’s important to you?

Take some time to take a step back and look at your life. Are you where you want to be? Conduct a personal check-in. Where are you in the spectrum of reaching your goals? What are your goals? Have you lost sight of your individuality? Try journaling your thoughts.


If you want to be more present in your everyday life, improve your relationships, and add dimension to your life with creative expression, spending time alone is key.

Make your alone time count! If noshing on your favorite snack and bingeing Netflix is what you need, please, do that. However, try spending your alone time wisely by unplugging, reading a book, or journaling. Take a walk, have a shower, and indulge in some fancy skincare products. You’ll feel better, and your relationships will thank you.

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