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Getting a good night’s sleep can make all the difference in your waking hours.


There are many benefits of a great night’s sleep which will help boost your immune system, prevent weight gain, a better mood and so much more. Medical Professionals say you should get roughly seven to eight hours of sleep per night. What does enough shut eye do for you? Getting enough sleep helps prevent moody behaviors, headaches or migraines and weakened sense of strength mentally and physically.

Impacts of a Good Night’s Sleep on Your Life

You may have heard the saying “getting up on the right side of bed” or the alter to that which is “getting up on the wrong side of the bed” to assist in explaining individuals who are not morning people or who may have an attitude. The truth behind this statement is that lack of sleep contributes a lot to one’s mood.

Obtaining enough sleep every night can make a happier you, believe it or not. When you sleep well, you wake up feeling rested, refreshed and ready to start your day. If your energy is up, then the smaller challenges that life throws at you will not annoy you nearly as much as if you had zero energy for your day. Receiving enough sleep and rest at night can help with productivity in your work environment or in your daily routine, too.

Sleep has also been linked to improved concentration and higher cognitive function. Lack of sleep can be dangerous, and this brings us to our third point – you are twice as likely to get into a car accident when you are cruising on six to seven hours of sleep than you are on seven to eight hours. If you sleep less than five hours, then your chances of a crash quadruple!

Joys of Good Sleep for Your Body

When your body has all the sleep it needs, your immune cells and proteins get the rest they need to help fight off sicknesses like colds and flu. Per American Academy of Sleep studies, proper sleep helps make vaccinations more effective. Healthy sleep schedules result in losing pounds, as well.

When you don’t sleep enough, you take on more stress from the challenges of life which leads to weight gain. Your body produces a hormone that boosts your appetite when you don’t get enough sleep. Gaining weight, for some, is stressful enough and naturally people will want to go to the gym to change that.

The more sleep you get the healthier your heart will be to maintain a workout at the gym. Longer sleep helps for that lasting endurance for a minimum 30-minute workout at the gym or at home with an exercise video.

Benefit Your Mind with a Great Sleep

While your body may be resting, your mind is still processing and consolidating information obtained throughout the day. If you do not get enough sleep, who knows where your memories and all the knowledge would go. Some say they are “forgetful”, or they have a hard time retaining information, but if they are not getting the recommended amounts of sleep that could be why.

Always remember that to function at your best (mind, body and in your day-to-day), you need to get enough sleep and rest to let your body be the best it can be for you. Getting enough sleep is beneficial for your overall health and safety.

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