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What is summertime without the sun? Picnics, pool time, and backyard parties are all part of the summer fun—and they all involve harmful sun exposure. If you’re going to spend time outdoors, do so wisely! We’re breaking down our top Do’s & Don’ts for Sun Exposure so that you can stay healthy and happy all summer long.


DO Wear SPF! Every day. All the time.


This might seem like an easy one, but it’s even easier to slip the mind. Adding sun protection to your beauty regimen may seem like an annoying additional step, but it can make all the difference to your health. Wear at least SPF20 from head to toe (including your face) before spending time outside. Use more if you’ll be directly in the sun, like on a beach or at a sports event.


DON’T Forget to Drink Water


Another one that’s easy to forget. Staying hydrated is essential all year long, but during summer, it can prevent you from catching heat stroke or passing out. Always keep a water bottle on hand—the bigger, the better!


DO Wear the Right Clothes


This doesn’t always mean that tank tops and shorts are the way to go, either. Long sleeves and pants can protect skin better from the sun. Be sure to choose lightweight, natural fabrics that are loose on the skin to stay comfortable all day. Sunglasses and hats help shield the eyes and scalp from UV damage as well!

DON’T Ignore Weather Warnings


If the Weatherman says it’s too hot to be outside for more than an hour—believe them! Trust their warnings and stay inside when it’s recommended.


DO Bring Pets Indoors


Don’t let Fido fry! Whenever possible, bring in dogs, cats, and other outdoor pets especially during peak sun exposure hours (between about 12 PM and 5 PM.) Animals can easily overheat just like humans, so show some particular attention during this time of year.


DON’T Skip Meals


If you’re at the beach with the family, working on the lawn, or shopping all day outdoors, be sure to fuel your body with the proper nutrients. This can help you avoid feeling overly exhausted in the sun. Choose simple ingredients that can prevent the post-meal lag.


DO Remember to Get Out There!


It’s SUMMER! Get out and enjoy it by exploring fun outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, boating, and more. Summer is the season to enjoy time outside with loved ones, eat on restaurant patios, and bask in the beauty of the sun. Relax and have fun! Just make sure to stay protected from sun exposure while you do it.

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