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The quarantine restrictions are easing across the nation and the summer sunshine and sweltering heat is upon us! FINALLY, we are all excited to venture outside and the beaches  are calling our names.  Summer fun is returning to the new normal.  With the summer weather, warm outdoor activities and warming heat, vulvar and vaginal hygiene is more important than ever.

Our intimate genital pelvic area and skin deserve tender loving care.   We  have a detailed facial cosmetic regime for our face and nurture the facial beauty as well as protect our face from the harmful damage of sunlight.  Paying close attention to the care of our intimate vulvar skin should be  an extension of your overall summer beauty regime.  Good vulvar and vaginal care is of paramount importance,  not only to our sexual health and comfort but also to our overall general health.

Take care and avoid drying bar soaps and body washes that contain harsh, heavily fragrant detergents.  Consider products with moisturizing ingredients like Lubrigyn Cleansing Lotion which can hydrate and soothe.  Do not douche. Remove wet bathing suits, sweaty workout clothes, and non-breathable yoga pants as soon as possible after exercise! Shower and then gently pat the genitals dry.

Clothing choices are important during the summer months. Consider wearing  cotton crotch undergarments or even crotchless pantyhose. Avoid wearing panty-liners or sanitary pads constantly. Try sleeping in loose fitting, non-confining cotton bottoms or better yet, go commando. Use dye and fragrant free, hypoallergenic laundry products on undergarments (double rinse!). Baby products are a good option. Summer means beach and pool fun!

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Bikinis get dusted off and we are eager to get our vitamin D fix and relax with the ocean waves crashing in the background. Be sure to be mindful of genital hair removal and intimate grooming. While exercising during the summer months is helpful for your mental and physical health, you should try to limit excessive strenuous exercises such as prolonged spinning, bicycle riding or horseback riding that impact the vaginal and vulvar area.

Summer fun means Bar-B-Q, key lime pie, homemade ice-cream, peach cobbler and watermelon.  Be certain to be mindful of your summer diet by limiting high sugar and alcohol intake. Maintain adequate hydration and vitamin D intake and consider a daily probiotic.

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Some important things to avoid include scented toilet paper or other genital products, scrubbing the vulvar skin with sponges or loofahs, baby wipes especially those containing alcohol. Avoid heavily chlorinated pools or hot tubs, constricting or chafing thongs or G-strings, spermicides containing nonoxynol 9,  or lubricants with warming or cooling ingredients.

Summer is a time of renewal, warmth and freedom. It is associated with carefree breezy family time, revitalizing your mind, body and spirit. Nurture your mind, body and spirit. Take care to keep your intimate area healthy!   Enjoy some rest, fun, friends and sand  times during the summer months.

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