Prevent, Maintain and Protect

Our skin is our largest organ and it is protected by a fragile hydrolipid film that functions as a protective barrier from the harsh outside world. This film shields the skin from chemicals and other abrasive elements in the environment. Our skin is constantly being attacked on a daily basis. This is not limited to sun exposed skin, but also applies to our genital skin. In fact, the intimate skin is in need of protection! This delicate skin is being attacked by chemicals from detergents, perspiration, abrasive clothing and chafing from activity and is in essence, being assaulted on a regular basis in tight confined quarters.

The skin’s superficial or outermost layer is covered by the acidic hydrolipid film which possesses properties required to maintain a healthy barrier- It is a natural protective layer. The
Components of the hydrolipid film may change depending on it’s location on the body as well as other factors such as time of the day, time of the year (season), dietary intake, chronic or acute illness and external stressors. This coating is a watery yet waxy substance, combined with oils, which functions to lubricate, waterproof and protect both the skin and hair.

Why take care of your skin? Why protect the intimate skin in particular?

Caring for the vulvar skin on a daily basis with a balanced wash helps defend against pathogens and improve personal comfort. This filmy layer or barrier guards and shields the skin and helps retains moisture.

Using a dedicated high quality daily wash that is respectful of the hydro lipid layer, maintains the natural supple and smooth nature of the intimate skin.

Unfortunately when the skin barrier is compromised, for example due to washing vigorously with harsh soap, women may experience distressing symptoms such as burning, itching and dryness. Without this natural barrier the vulva may even become red, flakey, cracked and inflamed.

Daily washes help PREVENT damage and MAINTAIN a smooth, supple architecture. Women must PROTECT the skin’s integrity, elasticity and moisture by maintaining the hydrophilic filmy barrier.

Skin health begins with an understanding of hygiene products and their ingredients’ effects on delicate intimate skin. Maintaining the skin’s natural protective and defensive barrier is an important hygiene lesson. A daily hygiene ritual will prevent, maintain and protect the vulvar skin’s youthful appearance and sustain its function. Treat the vulvar area to a daily regime of premier products.



Michael Krychman, MD FACOG

Alyssa Dweck, MS MD FACOG