Ask the DoctorCategory: QuestionsWhy should I pay attention to my vaginal ph?
Lubrigyn USA Staff asked 6 years ago

I need to know this….

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Lubrigyn USA Staff answered 6 years ago

A happy acidic vagina has many helpful and beneficial bacteria (normal vaginal flora) that supports and protects against infection. It helps secrete some normal discharge that keeps the vagina healthy and clean. 

With an acidic environment, the balance on the battlefield between the good and bad bacteria is maintained.  Once you modify or upset this balance, the battlefield changes dramatically.  The harmful flora, or irritation causing bacteria, can overgrow and create symptoms like excessive inflammation, foul smelling discharge, itchiness and painful vaginal tissues! At excessively high pH values, above 4.5, a woman may experience vaginitis, or redness and inflammation of the vaginal lining or mucosa. Infections like Candida (yeast) and Gardnerella Vaginosis (Bacterial Vaginosis) are then not uncommon.  

It is also important for women to understand, that during the female’s lifecycle, there are certain times in her life, when her vaginal environment may be altered. These changes may predispose her to painful infections!