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Elizabeth Welsh asked 5 years ago

The last few weeks I have been using Aveno unseated body wash.  I had used it before and no problem.  Atrophy is a terrible problem as it was for my mother.  I have been celibate for 5 years and am 67 years old.
This past weekend it was time to put my Estrogen cream up my vagina.  For the first time it burned and I had to wash it off.  I have lichen sclerosis and use A&D ointment per Gino and really helps–had biopsy 7 years ago.  This time my clitorus area was horribly sensitive and when I looked it was swollen about 3x the normal size.   I took care, coated with A & D ointment and did not use soap or hormone cream.  Seems to be better now.  No indication of lichen sclerosis.
My problem is what should I use for washing my underarms., etc.  when I was on a hormone patch I was fine.  But I have never been celibate this long.  Thank you!