Ask the DoctorCategory: QuestionsWhen should I pay more attention to my vaginal health?
Lubrigyn USA Staff asked 6 years ago

Is there a specific age o a particular time that is more delicate than others, I feel like my body changed a lot since I turned 50..

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Lubrigyn USA Staff answered 6 years ago

At many times during a woman’s life (breastfeeding, menopause or when she is taking anti-histamines or oral contraceptives), she may have declining estrogen levels. Estrogen is essential to help maintain the healthy vaginal pH. Vaginal dryness or atrophy can occur as a direct result of the declining levels of estrogen. The vaginal pH elevates, and hence predisposes the woman to infections. In addition, with the loss of estrogen, the vagina may become less elastic, less pliable and even may feel like sandpaper. It’s not uncommon for women to complain of severe pain during intercourse (dyspareunia) due to lack of normal lubrication.
During breastfeeding, and the menopausal transition, and other special times when the vaginal pH is threatened, it is important to use specially designed pH appropriate creams like Lubrigyn ® Cream intravaginally to help maintain the vaginal balanced pH. Lubrigyn ® helps prevent irritating infections.