Ask the DoctorCategory: QuestionsWhy can’t I just use regular soap?
Lubrigyn USA Staff asked 6 years ago

I fear that all these intimate cleanser just do the same job and it’s just a matter of price and packaging..

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Lubrigyn USA Staff answered 6 years ago

Many over-the-counter “sensitive”, “Intimate” or other genital cleansing soaps have abnormal pH within the range of 7-14. Harsh soaps or cleansers on the genitopelvis should be avoided since they affect a healthy pH balance.
The unique properties of Lubrigyn ® products work synergistically in order to provide many benefits. Lubrigyn Cleansing Lotion gently cleanses, provides excellent hydration action, lubricity, and also acts as a natural deodorizer. Lubrigyn ® products preserve and protect the natural acidity of the vaginal pH. Most cleansers and soaps have sodium laurel sulfates which can strip away the natural protective oils of the vulvar skin. It is important in the overall protection and integrity of the vulvar area to keep this area clean, and hydrated.