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Keep a standing date with your partner to prioritize your relationship with each other.

Date night is much deeper than just having fun with your partner. It is about spending time together and building that attachment to that person. Date night is also good to introduce spontaneity and maintain romance in your relationship while also having fun with your significant other. Date nights are important in relationships to create a space of openness. It helps having communication with each other on an intimate level. Just the two of you.

Dating in the Relationship: Boyfriend/Girlfriend or Married Couples

Date nights often fall to the bottom of the “to-do” list within a relationship because the two individuals may be busy the majority of the time and too tired to go out. While it is understandable to want a night in to relax, it is essential to get a night out and keep that bond as companions for the center of your relationship. Some couples may let date nights drop to the bottom of the list because of finances. Always remember the amount of money spent on the date does not define the relationship. Plan a date around your budget.

For those relationship that have trials, going out can be a way to leave the arguments at home and have some fun together.  It’s good to remind each other why you became a couple in the first place. Surprising your partner with a random date night can not only make them feel special, but also keeps the fireworks strong in the relationship. Be present with each other and leave the technology behind, if possible. You want to focus on that other person and grow in those moments together to keep the love, spontaneity, and happiness in your relationship.

Dating as Parents

It is easy to guess that going on dates as parents can be difficult since your relationship can be less of the focus of your attention and the kid(s) become the main priority. Some couples will fall short in this area. They realize their relationship is strictly about the kids and feel as though they shouldn’t be together anymore. If you reintroduce dating into that space, you will remind each other why you became attracted to the other one in the beginning.

Try finding a babysitter in your local area. You could also swap babysitting nights with another couple or call on a family/friend to watch your child while you are out. There are ways to navigate childcare so that you can enjoy the company of your partner alone in an environment that will promote fun activities or intimate talks. Some couples that are parents may recommend a date night once a week or if not able to, then once every other week. You have to remember to stay grounded in your relationship with each other as well as parents. Going on date nights as parents can also help alleviate a concern that one may be taking the other for granted. What better way to show you appreciate them than to take them out?

Dating is important in relationships to build intimacy, strong communication, bonding and reminding each other of the appreciation you have for one another. Going on a date also decreases stress and builds attachment (emotional and mental).

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