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How to choose the right color palette to fit your personal style and skin tone.

Identifying the mood, energy, or vibe you are wanting to set or the setting you are wanting to create in a space will assist you with picking the colors to go for that room. Different colors set different tones – brighter colors create happier spaces whereas darker colors create calm or energetic spaces.

What is Color Theory?

Color theory is understanding how colors can help you make an aesthetically pleasing visual in a room. Choosing the right colors will result in evoking a particular vibe, mood or aesthetic. There are primary colors that consist of Red, Blue and Yellow. Primary colors are your parent colors on the color wheel. Any one combination of these can give you the guardrails into creating a certain vibe. For example, mixing Blue and Yellow will gave you the color Green. If you are looking to set an earthy, calming tone, then you would want the foundation of your room to be a color like this.

Then you have Secondary colors which are Orange, Purple and Green. Primary colors make secondary colors. Lastly, you have Tertiary colors which are created when you mix a primary and a secondary color. For example, mixing purple and red will give you magenta. If you are wanting the calm, earthy space as mentioned previously we know that it will take more than just the color green to create that environment in your space.

Different combinations of all three types of colors will give you different shades to set your space how you want it, but you need to determine your color scheme.


Color Schemes for Your Space and Yourself

Color context refers to how we perceive colors as they contrast with another color. Color contrasting helps with defining the different colors and assists in the patterns of what you are trying to make in a room. There are complementary colors that give you lighter shades (such as pastel colors) of each shade you decide on.

Start with just one color and work your way around it to find different hues, textures and shades that you want to have in your space. Find a color you think is the most aesthetic and work around that. Practice makes perfect, so play with it. Define your color scheme and watch your space come alive!

You can also play with color schemes for your wardrobe and personal style. If you’re a fan of certain colors or know that you have a warm or cool undertone to your skin, you can choose clothing that reflect those colors. You’ll be sure to always look your best and have a wardrobe that looks great on you!

Show off your skills for your loved ones and yourself by contrasting warm and cool colors. Warm colors will give you summer, beach vacation vibes. Cooler colors will give a sense of calm, cool and chill vibes. So, explore different color schemes and see what works best for you, your space, and your wardrobe!

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