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Long hours at the office can quickly drain you of any creativity—but studies show that being creative in the workplace can have many benefits including:


  • Increased workplace engagement
  • Increased staff morale, fun, and happiness
  • Increased workplace problem solving and productivity


Even if your team isn’t having Painting With A Twist during office hours, you can add some creativity to your workday by personalizing your space! Show your personality, add some life to your cube, and even feel more comfortable with a few personal touches at the office.


“Plant” Some Greenery


If you’re lucky enough to sit near a window, caring for an office succulent or flowering annual plant can be a fun way to give some life to everyone’s day. If you’re not, opt for real-looking faux plants. Succulents, orchids, and pretty flowers are all excellent choices. Plants also give a more natural, earthy look to your space. They’re the perfect way to escape the building and return to the outdoors—in your mind, at least.


DIY Name Plate


Ditch the cookie-cutter nameplate handed to you by HR and create your own! Head to a craft store and put on your creativity cap. Metallic stickers on canvas, painted wood, and even embroidery are perfect (if you’re creatively inclined.)

Collage Wall


When some people hear “collage,” they think of a teenage bedroom. Grown-up collages are equally impressive (but perhaps more office appropriate.) Gather images of inspiring quotes, dream vacation spots, and your favorite colors from the Internet or magazines. You may even check out Etsy for some custom creations!


Create a board using cork or “found” materials like cardboard or even cardstock paper, and get to work! Arrange the images and pin them together with any push-pins you find lying around. This board gives anyone who visits your cube a hint of what makes you tick—and gives you something inspiring to stare at on long days.


Make It Cozy


There’s a running joke about how cold offices get—and for a good reason! Prepare for cubicle chill by bringing in some cozy upgrades. A luxurious throw blanket can be draped over your shoulders while you work. Keep acute knit cardigan on the back of your chair for when the chill seems the coldest.


Adding other kinds of textiles to your space can warm things up and make your workspace more comfortable. If your office allows it, bring in a fun rug to your cube. Just be sure the fibers are short enough that your chair can quickly be moved around.


Small pillows can be placed behind your back to help with strain and make your chair a little more comfortable.


Personalizing your workspace can help you feel more comfortable and give your creativity a boost! You might even start an office trend!



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