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Paint colors can have an impact on your mood. To keep happy and warming energy on your walls, use bright and sunny colors. Different colors have different effects on your mood and below is a list of colors that will help your mood and bring you calming energy. Warm colors provide an energy that is comforting, harmonic and energetic. Brighter colors and brighter moods will inspire happier visits with groups of friends and family.


The color white represents purity or innocence. White is bright and can create a sense of space or can add highlights into your room. In some spaces, the color white for an accent of color can make the room seem larger/more spacious. However, having all walls completely white can have an energy that is unfriendly and empty. While white is classy and elegant, it can be a turn off to a different crowd if you plan to have visitors. The positive sides that the color white conveys cleanliness, freshness, and simplicity. The negative side of the color white can seem cold and isolated. In feng shui, white can create a sense of harmony.


Yellow is attention-grabbing, energetic, and warm. Yellow can also help increase metabolism and is often described as warm and cheery. Yellow is bright and can provoke a sense of happiness. Yellow can be difficult to read at times, but it can change the mood of the room when used as an accent wall or accents throughout the room. The color yellow exudes brightness, light, vitality, energy, optimism, willingness to grow and outshine.


Orange calls to mind feelings of excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth. Orange is energetic. Many people associate the color orange with bright sunsets and their beauty. Orange appeals to some as a reminder of spirituality and compassion. Orange is the color of loving life and vitality. It sparks enthusiastic responses and energetic feelings. Some relate the color orange with the orange fruit where there is a refreshing feeling with every bite. The burnt Orange color is often associated with Autumn with the change in color of the leaves and pumpkins for Halloween.

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Blue is a color often associated with stability, serenity, and wisdom. The many shades of blue, from bright Tiffany blue to warm night sky blue can bring different moods to your space. Blue can be the perfect accent color or can color every wall for added depth. Blue makes the perfect backdrop for a variety of styles of decor.


Often times, pink is associated with feelings of love and romance. Pink is known to have a calming effect. There is a fun shade known as “drunk-tank pink”, which is sometimes used in prisons to calm inmates. This color is associated with joy. Pink gives creative and artistic vibes. The color pink is feminine and vibrant in the ways of romantic gestures, flowers, and kindness.

Overall, it is important to pick the right color for the energy you are wanting to portray on your wall to you and your guests. Different colors have different vibes and can bring feelings of joy and happiness. Warm colors inspire a comforting mood for the room.

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