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Most people enjoy being at the ocean. There’s something about the salty air and gentle breezes caressing your body while taking in the sunshine and breathing in the fresh air; the sounds of the waves are soothing to the soul, too. So, how can you get similar benefits if you live far away from the ocean? Below are some good options to provide similar soothing, stress-relieving benefits no matter where you live.

The ocean water is rich in magnesium, so one recommendation is to regularly take an Epsom salt bath and let the minerals soak into your skin. Your skin can absorb what it needs and can aid in your overall well-being and happiness. Include a picture of the ocean on your bathroom wall or put on sound of the ocean while you relax in your bath to relax and enjoy and have a mini escape.

Ocean benefits wellness

Some have found that people living closer to the ocean have better health, but if you look at the potentials reasons for this, you can achieve good health away from the coast, too. Two possible reasons why the ocean environment aids in longevity is because of the stress-reducing benefit it provides as well as the fact that people can be more physically active while walking on the beach, playing in the ocean, swimming, etc. So, adding in stress-reducing habits and being physically active wherever you are can provide similar outcomes.

One things that’s really popular now that has been shown to have mood-boosting and health-boosting effects are the Himalayan salt lamps. These emit negative ions and help to freshen the air. Negative ions are in abundance hear beaches, waterfalls and mountains. If you live by a river or stream rather than by the ocean, spend some time there because you still have the soothing benefit of being near water. The negative ions are abundant by fresh, flowing water supplies.

Another thing that can help improve the air quality in the home is to have indoor plants. Plant leaves also product negative ions and help to cleanse the air; plus, they add oxygen to it. The results of having indoor plants is similar to having an air purifying machine in the home. Aim for about one plant (in a six to eight-inch container) for every 100 square feet. There is also the option to add a negative ionizer in the home. Including one ore more of these options will help to purify the air within the home and add health benefits.

Ocean benefits wellness

So, with putting it all together, the things to produce similar benefits as living near the ocean are to add in relaxing, stress-releasing activities (deep breathing and meditations exercises may help with this), maintain and active lifestyle (get moving!), breathe in fresh, salty air (at least fresh air with some negative ions added in), be sure to take in optimal amounts of vitamin D (short doses of exposure to sunshine and/or adequate vitamin D3 supplementation) and swim in salt water (take an Epsom salt bath regularly).

If you can get to the ocean, go and enjoy, but if not, then definitely work to incorporate these into your routine no matter where you are and feel the benefits from adding these in. Also, look at pictures of the ocean and listen to wave sounds for added enjoyment. Make the effort to get a good night’s sleep regularly and unplug from all the gadgets and technology around you – being in nature really can boost one’s mood and provide healthy benefits for your mind, body and soul. Enjoy!

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