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We are careful with what we consume in our bodies to keep our gut, heart, and overall well-being in good shape. Why would we do anything less for our minds, too? Nourishing your mind can be as simple as reading a book, clearing your head space or just simply relaxing our thoughts. Education is elevation and the more we feed our minds the better we will help our bodies. Mind and body work together to provide stable ground for our everyday activities such as work, school, or going for a walk. So, let’s talk about different ways to keep the balance of mind and body.

1. Practice Mindful Meditation.
Meditation reduces stress and allows your mind to process at full capacity without distractions. Stress reduction and relaxation are vital to keeping a healthy brain. Studies have indicated that the brain’s “fight or flight” response center decreases in brain cell volume after mindfulness practice. Mindfulness meditation has been shown to decrease anxiety, depression, and any other emotional distress.

2. Exercise.
Exercising is important to promote levels of endorphins which are the body’s “happy” hormone. This hormone naturally acts as the body’s antidepressant.

3. Detox from Technology and Quiet Your Mind.
Sometimes it’s hard to remember that there is a world outside of social media. There are parks, trails, and roads to explore outside of your favorite social media platforms. Socialize with friends and family by going for a walk, hiking, or taking a road trip. Of course, you can do this by yourself, too; just remember to quiet the mind. Everyone has their own stressors, so just remember whether you are by yourself or with family and friends to not think or talk about those kinds of things. Relaxing the mind is a way to put stressors to the side and enjoy the present moment.

4. Make Time for Self-Reflection.
It’s important to be mindful of ourselves as well as what is around us. So, be mindful of your everyday life, but also be aware of your reactions and thoughts to your everyday routine. Self-reflection is about observing yourself and acknowledge how you are feeling, what you are thinking and how you are responding to situations. If there is room for improvement, self-reflection helps with correcting the behavior to a level you are comfortable displaying.

5. Simply, Read More Books.
There are streaming applications like Netflix and Hulu that keep our minds occupied and help create imagery for different adventures and love stories. Before these streaming applications, there were books. Those books are still waiting for you to explore them. Enjoy some quiet time and read a book that interests you. If you need help finding a book that keeps your attention, think about the shows you watch and find books like those.

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Through all suggestions, you will learn something new. Whether the knowledge comes from a book, spending time with those you care about or self-reflecting, you will pick up new exercises, meditation practices, and new adventures.

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