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Since Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, we thought it might be fun – as well as helpful – to provide a true Italian-style menu for your special evening. Whether you decide to give these a try for “the most romantic evening of the year” or use them for a special date night another evening, the recipes are sure to delight your date and add to a very romantic evening!

With that, my “insider” shared that dinners usually start around 8:30pm and the date arrives at 8pm. When such a lovely evening is planned, the man will traditionally arrive with a dozen red roses and some chocolates. While the woman will likely prepare the dinner, the man will show up with the special treats and a smile for his lady. He will probably also bring the wine as well.

The romantic dinner date is sure to work its charms on the couple as these delectable dinners usually last for at least two hours, giving the couple a lot of opportunity for romance, conversation, laughter, flirting and satisfied tummies. What a beautiful opportunity to connect and draw closer… Taking time to prepare these foods with love might even help you take the relationship to the next level. Either way, it’s sure to be a special night for the both of you.

For this Valentine menu, the following items have been personally selected and recommended for you…

Starter: Tartare di gamberi (Shrimp Tartare)      

Main Dish: Pollo al pepe rosa (Pink Pepper Chicken) OR  Risotto alle fragole (Rice with Strawberries)

Dessert: Tortino al cioccalato con cuore morbido  (Chocolate Cake with a Soft Heart)

If you’d like to include wine with your meal, it is suggested to have white wine with this meal as it’s perfect for the combination of foods and flavors for you and your date.

Whether you’re just starting as a couple or you’ve been married many years, take time to cook for one another and enjoy one another’s company over a leisurely romantic dinner. Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to plan and do something special like this, but you can do it any day of the year with the one you love. Every day is a good day for romance and to express your love to the person most special to you.

This menu will hopefully help you to make it an even more special evening as you and your amore enjoy an Italian-inspired special evening for two. And, if you’d like to check out other romantic recipe options, please click here.  Buon appetito!

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