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Popcorn and huge movie screens often spell out a classic date night for many couples. Going out to the movies is fun, entertaining, and relaxing at the same time. But is it better than staying in and having a movie date experience at home?

With the right set up and mindset, a movie date at home can be better than going out. Here’s how!


Start with the right mindset.

In order to bring the optimal movie date at home experience to life, you and your partner need to agree to the terms. Set a date for a movie night in. Then, create some excitement around it by building it up the way you would a regular date night.


Treat your movie date time as sacred.

With regular movie dates, you both know you need to be at the theater at a certain time. If you don’t, the movie will start without you. Keep your date time sacred. You can even set a time for the movie, like 8 PM. Keep your plans the way you would any other date night and arrange to be home on time for the movie to start.


Embrace the classic movie night arrangement.

Bring the theater home by making popcorn or nachos, or by bringing candy and sodas to the living room. You can even get fancy with movie-style hot dogs. Hit the lights and settle in for the fill of your choice.

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Mix it up with “movie at home” perks.

The best thing about movies at home? You’re at home! Curl up with your sweetie on the sofa in your comfiest clothes. Make a mixed drink to accompany your buttered popcorn. Plus, you can even hit pause to go to the bathroom!

Movie dates at home are a great way to save money and spend quality time with your loved one. Make your night special by following these quick tips. You might find that you enjoy your home dates even more than going out!

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