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Follow these three habits to improve your health and wellness over time.

Woman SleepingHabit 1: Regular Sleeping Schedule

By ensuring we receive a regular 7-9 hours of sleep nightly, stretching daily, and discontinuing the use of electronics one hour before rest we can achieve a much healthier lifestyle. But how? Well, stretching regularly coupled with increased sleep allows the body and mind to combat stress. This option also promotes the body’s ability to process our daily experiences. Imagine a long day at work which left you exhausted mentally and pushed your boundaries physically. With a simple change in nighttime routine, your performance could improve without limit.

It can also be taxing to cope with interpersonal exchanges at work – maybe you’ve become a bit more irritable or aren’t as capable in problem resolution. Ensuring you rest more and limber your tense muscles will help to fight off fatigue, improve physical performance and calm the mind. In addition, limiting the use of caffeine in the afternoon will ensure your ability to relax the mind and body, helping you sleep smoothly.

ElectronicsHabit 2: Put Away Electronics

Another option would be to put away those electronics just an hour earlier in the evening. This allows the mind a chance to avoid anxiety inducing thoughts or distracting emotions.  The brain and body require us to use the off switch in order to identify and transform into our super-self.

There are also benefits to our memory when allowing the body to rest appropriately. Perhaps we could have avoided missing that deadline at work or remembered to thaw out the chicken for dinner. When the mind is relaxed, our ability to compartmentalize the important details of our day-to-day improves dramatically. As a result, we can reduce the risk of losing it over the small things. We could also gain a greater appreciation for the small victories each day, value ourselves a bit more, and pursue our goals with increased vigor and enthusiasm.

Woman StretchingHabit 3: Daily Stretching Releases Discomfort in the Body

Daily stretching can aid in reducing tension headaches, neck, and shoulder discomfort, and can assist in pre-existing back pain. Stretching can promote flexibility, and improved range of motion, as well. These changes in habit are easily made with the hour gained from putting away our cellphone or turning off the television; doing this frees our time to ensure we limber up before bed.

By putting down those adored caffeinated products, you also ensure you aren’t jumpstarting your brain when preparing for a shutdown. Subtle changes can drastically improve your ability to change other behavioral patterns as well. Sleep deprivation and a tense body might rob your desire or motivation to work out, eat healthier, pick up a new hobby and even spend time with your loved ones. Remember that by taking care of ourselves we are better equipped to care of others – more sleep, more stretching and less caffeine!



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