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No matter your age, you can have healthy intimate relationships. Sex can be a powerful emotional and passionate experience with your significant other. As you age, it can seem more difficult to keep the fire explosive. So, let’s talk about a few benefits of maintaining a healthy sex life as you age.

As an older adult, personal relationships take a higher priority as your career and want for children are not as prevalent. Sex can be an important way of connecting with your partner. Here are three ways a healthy sex life can improve your overall health:

  1. Improve Mental and Physical Health
    Sex causes the brain to release endorphins. It can also help you burn fat and reduce anxiety.
  2. Increase Your Life Span and Solidify Your Relationship
    Through its health benefits, sex can add years to your life while helping you express the closeness from you to your partner and vice versa.
  3. Overall Relaxation
    Sex gives you a chance to escape the daily stresses of your life, so enjoy it as long as you can.

One more way to be satisfied in your relationship as you age is through great communication. It’s important to remember that people change over time, and sometimes the closeness you once shared can change, too. In marriage, this can be detrimental to the power of the relationship. So, always remember that people change, but it is important to take note of the changes of your partner. It’s like learning something new every day in order to keep the energy in the relationship alive. Without communicating to each other, it can start to feel that you and your significant other are becoming distant. But remember that communication also entails the occasional argument. Try to fight fair during those times. Remember there are two people involved who both have feelings, thoughts and opinions on every topic. Consider both sides before reacting. Successful couples know how to fight fairly and maintain each other’s dignity.

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An additional way to stay satisfied and intimate with your partner is by trying new things together. Whether it is taking a sculpting class, traveling to Paris or starting a business together, any kind of newness can help bring you closer. Since the experience is new and you are learning together, it’s a beautiful opportunity to challenge each other and explore together.

Changes you experience as you age bring vulnerability into your relationship. Support, unconditional love and togetherness can make your partner feel more at ease and comfortable talking to you about the changes that are occurring. Keep in mind to share your thoughts with your partner on what lies ahead for each other and let them know that you will always be there for them.

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Sex, communication and intimacy can help keep your relationship strong as you change into an older adult. Your age will not matter if you and your partner remember to be supportive of the other and constantly show the care you have for each other. It is a working partnership, so keep that in mind as changes occur and life expands into its next chapter.

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