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After years of being together, you can start to feel like you know the other person inside and out, like there is nothing new to learn. It is important to make sure that you are keeping the interest alive and well to maintain a long-lasting relationship.

Keep Your Sense of Self-Exploration

Keeping yourself authentic and staying true to your hobbies, passions and uniqueness will keep your partner’s interest. When you believe that there is more to this world, you stay in tune with what you want in life and watch as you mold around that. While learning things and keeping fresh information about yourself and your passions, your partner will admire that there is so much more to you than what they have learned through the years. This is key to your personal growth, as well.

Stay Open and Honest

While it is hard sometimes to tell your partner how you are feeling about things in the world or situations that the two of you go through, it is important to remain honest about your feelings. Keeping the honesty in your relationship will allow for the two of you to also be open with each other any time you are having a new life experience (good or bad). A new life experience can be a promotion at work, change in career or anything that is happening within each other’s families. When you have created that safe space to tell the other how you are feeling or what you are thinking, you have created a lifelong partnership/friendship.

Be Spontaneous

Schedules and routines, while they are important, can sometimes become stale. Take your significant other out on random date nights to explore the city or try a new activity together. If you are really feeling that the both of you could use a break from your reality, book a trip and surprise them with a breath of fresh air in a new area. Break some house rules – if you are on a diet, get whatever you want on the menu and ditch the night-time routines and enjoy the new area you are in.

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Surprise Each Other

To surprise your wife, bring her some flowers, a fresh meal or a self-care night with a bubble bath, some candles and relaxation. You want to surprise her with something she does not get to do very often, and it doesn’t always have to be materialistic. For example, surprise her with a picnic and watch the sunset together while you talk about each other’s days or take a boat ride and leave all technology at home to get that special bonding time with her. Massages are great surprises for her, as well as pedicure or manicure. To surprise your husband, invite him out for drinks at the newest bar, get him something materialistic such as a watch or clothes or a surprise vacation and you can try something intimate to satisfy the man’s mind.

Remaining communicative, true to yourself and trying something new will help your partner learn more about you and the mystery that lies within will not fade.

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