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Sometimes, it seems that when life gets busy, romance is the first thing out the door. With kids back in school, activities in full swing, and the holiday season coming up sooner than you realize, making time for your partner is difficult. The good news here is that you don’t have to make a grand gesture every day to show your partner you care.


Here are a five simple—and meaningful—ways to add some romance and spice to your everyday routine.


  1. Take a Love Language Quiz


Sometimes when romance stagnates, and you feel you’ve given all you’ve got, the problem isn’t with you. It’s with the way you’re giving to your partner. Love language quizzes like this one from The 5 Love Languages helps you and your partner identify how you prefer to communicate and show affection. This is key to reaching each other’s hearts.


  1. Make Romance A Game


Love note scavenger hunts are a playful way to ignite passion, spark romance, and remind your partner of what makes your love so special. It can be as easy as leaving Post-It notes throughout the house, each with a clue to the next. The final note? Tickets to an upcoming play, a DIY “love coupon,” or a gift you know your partner will love. You’ll both appreciate the game!

  1. Play Text-Tac-Toe


When you and your partner are apart from each other during the day, use the space to entice something romantic to come. Text your partner and say “let’s play a game. I’ll say something I love about you, and you say something you love about me. We’ll do it all day, and whoever has the most at the end of the day gets a surprise.” Texting while apart gives each of you time to ponder on your responses, while leaving a smile even when you’re alone.


  1. Schedule Alone Time


For busy working couples and parents, making alone time find feel like a real luxury. So hard to come by! Spending time as a couple is so crucial to maintaining the romance in your relationship. Treat this time like you would any important time: schedule it! Write it in your calendar, hang it on the fridge, add it to your phones. The time is set in stone. Get a babysitter, put away your phones, and be together. Plan something active like a game or outdoor activity to strengthen your bond.


  1. Give Personal Compliments


It’s easy to tell your partner they look great. But what about them makes you tick? Make it your mission to give a new compliment every day for 30 days (bonus points if you don’t tell them your plans!) Think about their most special attributes, and tell them exactly how you feel.


When life gets in the way of your romantic spice, use these five tips to inject play and meaning back into your relationship. You’ll love the results.



Written by Lisa M. Adair, LMHC.




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