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Lubrigyn Cream® is indeed the trusted and recommended vaginal product for every woman!  Young and older women can benefit from incorporating Lubrigyn Cream® into their daily beauty regime. The exceptional and unique ingredients of Lubrigyn Cream® work together in order to give many benefits. Consistent use of Lubrigyn Cream® can preserve and protect the vaginal health while maintaining the acid base balance.  Consistent use leads to consistent health.

What exactly makes Lubrigyn Cream® unique and exceptional? It is a non-hormonal intravaginal cream that contains both hyaluronic acid and elastin. Both ingredients are safe, effective, and clinically proven to help relieve, restore and replenish the vaginal mucosa or lining. Lubrigyn Cream® does not contain soda, sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, hormones, lanolin, or hydrocarbons. It is pH balanced, has natural ingredients and the additional benefit of a hydrophilic film that nurtures and protects the mucosal lining.

Lubrigyn Cream®s active principles, combined with its inherent strength and the delicacy of its ingredients, makes it an effective daily product for all women. The added benefit of an airless product pump is helpful since this mechanism protects the contents from oxidation that can be caused from the outside air and oxygen.

The vagina is an amazing organ.  It has a natural ability to self-regulate and self-clean.  There is a delicate balance between a variety of bacteria that normally live in the vagina that maintains a healthy acid/base pH environment. Menstrual cycles (blood), sexual intercourse, vaginal douching or chemically based soaps can interfere with the natural health of the vulvar and vaginal tissues. Hormonal changes during the lifecycle (breastfeeding, menopause or when she is taking anti histamines or oral contraceptives) may lead to declining estrogen levels. Estrogen is essential to help maintain the healthy vaginal ph.

One’s diet may also influence the genital flora.  Processed food with many salt preservatives also are known to negatively affect the vagina.  Due to changes in vaginal pH, it is vital to choose high quality safe non-irritating products that can help maintain vaginal health.

The acidic vagina maintains a delicate balance between good and bad bacteria and under a variety of life conditions or circumstances, this balance may become disrupted, predisposing to vaginal infections and irritating symptomatology.  Products like Lubrigyn Cream® can help normalize, deodorize, balance and hydrate the vaginal tissues, making them supple and lush.

Hyaluronic acid is hydrating and has been studied as a vaginal gel for its soothing and restorative qualities. It is thought to reverse the natural aging process of the skin and is well known for its moisturizing qualities. It is widely used in a variety of current medical treatments. It eliminates vaginal irritation, burning and dryness without influencing the vaginal microenvironment.

Elastin is also a non-hormonal extracellular matrix protein that allows many body parts to be flexible, stretch and then return to their original shape after motion or movement.  Recoiling and tissue support is made possible by elastin.  Vaginal elasticity and stretchability is important for overall health and wellness of the vaginal lining and muscle layers. Elastin remains essential for stetchability, pliability and for tissue to maintain its integrity and supple qualities.

Hyaluronic Acid and Elastin work in concert with each other, and in tandem to provide an excellent nurturing composition to help soothe, relieve and revitalize the vaginal tissues. It is ideal if a woman may suffer from vaginal dryness or genitourinary syndrome of menopause.

Uniderm, a family owned Italian business, has a European philosophy to high quality and attention to detail. They maintain a commitment to professionalism and dedication to women’s care. Lubrigyn is one of their signature product lines and remains a handcrafted product, by a company that is dedicated to the creation of superior feminine cosmetics such as the Collagenil line.  It focuses on the details of innovation, research, and commands detailed quality control with the use of superior ingredients.  Uniderm is a predominately female company that is sensitive and committed to the individual woman’s needs throughout her lifecycle.

A woman’s beauty routine should be comprehensive: high facial aesthetic products like those found in the Collagenil line as well as products for pelvic genital health – Lubrigyn lotion and cream. Both lines complement each other for total health and beauty.

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