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Have some fun with loved ones and keep your entertainment old school with a classic card night.

It can be difficult to catch up with friends and make time to have some fun. When you do get together, though, you may want to do something simple and engaging together. Card night (or a simple game night) can help bring everyone together for drinks and laughter. Spending quality time with friends and loved ones can help you build stronger bonds and make memories together. There are many options for card games or board games that will help the entire group have fun.

The Classic Card Games:

There are card games that have been around for decades and still bring joy to any game night. These include Uno, Poker, Go Fish, and more. Uno is a fun, challenging game that the entire family can enjoy. You can even spice it up a bit with friends by turning the game into something similar to betting. Whoever wins takes a shot or it can be something as simple as betting fresh baked cookies and whoever wins takes the player’s cookies. Be creative to keep the game interesting.

Poker is a go-to if you are good at making bets and have a serious poker face. If you are the host house for a kid’s game night, there are games like Go Fish to keep them interested and guessing at what the other hands hold. And, another card game that can be played both in person and virtually is Solitaire. This may be a great option if you are hosting a virtual event. You may invite friends to join in online games and you can even share the moment by starting a video call.

Adult Friendly Card Games:

If you are planning game night for an adult group, there are some exciting, funny, and witty games to play such as Cards Against Humanity. This game is more of a fill-in-the-blank type of game featuring fun and raunchy mix-and-match statements. There will be a prompt and each individual will provide a card that they feel matches the prompt, whether it be funny or if it really makes sense to use the card. There is a similar game called New Phone, Who Dis.

Separate from fill-in-the-blank games, you can also find games that challenge the mind. To name an example of a game that makes you think, you can try Scattegories. This is a game where each person will have a slip of paper with questions on it and within the game there is dice that has all letters of the alphabet on it. The letter that remains face up after rolling is the letter used for the categories on the paper. Every answer to the questions will have to start with that letter. This makes the game more interesting and keeps you guessing the entire game.

These are not the only two categories for hosting game nights with friends. It will be a great start to brand new, fun memories for you and your loved ones to share. Therefore, whether it is the longtime favorite Monopoly or another card or board game, make plans today to host a game, and enjoy!

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