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By Dr. Michael Krychman

Most of us will remember 2020 as the year of the dreaded pandemic, mask wearing, fake news and election chaos. Many of us will undoubtedly want to forget 2020 completely – block it out of memory, yet there are some milestones especially in the field of sexuality that are worth remembering. If anything, COVID-19 has reminded us to  cherish family and friends, remain connected to our love ones and enjoy  sexual intimacy! Sex remains an important facet for our general and physical well-being.  Highlights for 2020 and looking ahead to 2021…

2020 has brought us many medical breakthroughs: two vaccines for Covid-19 have been developed in an unprecedented timeframe, to other new drugs which have come on the market which will be destined to change the landscape in women’s health. Phexxi® is a novel female-controlled contraception which is a new pH modulator that comes in a prefilled syringe. One dose, one hour before intercourse and one sexual act.  Annovera® is a novel combined hormonal contraception vaginal ring that contains a novel progesterone. One ring will last for up to 13 months.  No more monthly trips to the pharmacy so it is rapidly becoming ultimate in contraceptive convenience. Tyblume® is another low dose combined oral contraceptive pill to be introduced to a crowded contraceptive market. It is low dose, is well tolerated and women enjoy a low side effect profile.  Surprisingly about 40% of adults have difficulty swallowing tablets so this novel contraception offers an excellent advantage, it is chewable!

CBD or THC oil has been an explosion this year. No matter how you use the oil or if you take it by mouth or topically apply it, the ingredient has gained notoriety and popularity in sexual lubricants. Some users proclaim it as the ultimate in sexual enhancement and enticement.

With social distancing, safer sex has taken on new meaning.  Many studies have noted a drop in sexual interest and decline in frequency. Professional societies have advocated that “you are your safest sexual partner”,  the new  field of digital sexuality is in an enormous growth phase.  Techno sexuality, virtual reality sexual encounters are at an all-time high. Online chat room intimate “rendezvous’’ are happening at any time of the day or night.

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Uniderm saw the introduction of some new sensational cosmetics – the Collagenil cosmetic line.  Testimonials are rushing in with exceptionally satisfied customers.  The basis of Collagenil Laboratories’ formulations is founded in two fundamental ingredients: Elastin and Collagen.  These two products act in a unique synergistic relationship, complementing each other’s talents to create a  comprehensive  and dynamic cosmetic regime. The new product line is based on the  three guiding principles. Value: A depth of knowledge from ongoing R&D and vigilant attention to ever-changing consumer needs forms the foundation of the values and skills that characterize the work of Collagenil Laboratories today. Synergy: maintaining synergy harmony and balance is core to Collagenil land is reflected in every single ingredient and formulation in  every single product Wellbeing: Every woman’s sense of beauty and wellbeing should be based on her personal standards, not on societal pressure to conform to unrealistic beauty norms.

Here’s to a safe, healthy and wonderful year ahead!

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