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How to stay cool when having a hot flash or during hot summer days.

We all search for ways to not pass out in the middle of the summer heat such as keeping water on us, wearing shorts, or putting your hair up. That is a basic guide to avoiding the fainting zone. If you are one that gets hot flashes whether it be a regular occurrence or, for some women, during your menstrual cycle, then you may keep a fan by you or ice water to try to help cool you off. There are a few other ways to help keep you cool and not pass out when the temperatures spike up either within you or outside.

Staying Cool on Hot Summer Days

As previously mentioned, keeping water, wearing shorts, and putting your hair up are great ways to keep the internal body temperatures lower when it is hot outside. The hair on the back of the neck will make you sweat more and then assist overheating the body because there is not a way for those pores to breathe.

Believe it or not, you may be less affected by the heat if you eat before going outside or if you keep snacks on you that will be better for those environments. Eating fresh fruits will help keep the vitamins C and E in your system while you are outside. So, you will want to eat fruits like blueberries, grapes, or strawberries. This will replace the vitamins being excreted while sweating and eating a meal will help replace nutrition lost while sweating.

A good rule of thumb is if you are sweating you are in the safe zone and will not pass out. While sweating does remove beneficial vitamins and the toxins from the body, it is also the body’s way of trying to remain cool. Once you have stopped sweating, seek food, water, or even sit down for a bit until your body can catch up with what you are doing.

Keeping Your Cool When Experiencing Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are when the body suddenly warms up and then cools down on its own. You may experience hot flashes while you are sick when the body is fighting off the bad germs, some women may experience these while on their menstrual cycle and others may experience them randomly. One tip in remaining cool in those moments is to keep a fan close to you. You can grab a handheld or one that goes on your desk and use it often.

Sometimes hot flashes happen out of nowhere, but for the most part when one is occurring you can feel your body start to warm up. When you feel your body start to warm up, take off a layer of clothes (if you can – like a cardigan or jacket) and start the fan. This will help prevent any sweating that happens or at least make it less prevalent. Another tip is consuming ice water. If you know you are one that has hot flashes on a regular basis, dress appropriately for all functions, gatherings and to work.

Although we may feel that staying cool during hot flashes and hot summer days are difficult because of the heat that comes with both, it is still possible to stay chill during those moments. Stay hydrated, always have nutrition on you and have the appropriate attire for where you are going whether it be to an amusement park or to your office building.

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