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If you are looking to spend some quality time with friends and neighbors, then a plant potting bash may be the right idea for you. Through this activity, you will have a chance to bond and grow new friendships.  Here are some ideas to help your party be as beautiful as you want it to be:

Decorate your party area with flowers.

This will set the tone for your garden party. You can make it as garden-like or as elegant as you want. There are some creative ways to do this: you can make wall art with flowers, have petals guiding your guests to the party area or just have some out to set the tone for the party. You can even set up mini bouquets on the table(s) you and your friends will be potting in.

For a relaxed mood, set up a cocktail bar.

Mix and match your cocktails with different citrus fruits, make syrups out of herbs, add some lavender to the drinks and provide several different kinds of different wines and spirits. If you are going for a classy touch, try a white wine with your desired citrus additions. For a more casual tone in your event, you can use Gin or Rum with the different citrus additions such as a lemon or an orange. You can even provide extra fruits to garnish you and your family/friends’ drinks.

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Make some on-theme treats for your guests.

Some ideas for these desserts would be puff pastries or cake with flowers (or some plant-based theme) on it. You can set up your plant potting party as a picnic and everyone has their own spot that will have snacks/treats, potting utensils and necessities and plant they will be potting. Desserts, snacks and theme like this will keep the event fun.

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Provide plants and all planting needs for everyone.

Some people have veggie planting parties, and some have flower or greenery planting parties. Make sure whatever your party theme is that you match the plant with it to keep your guests excited about the party. You want to provide some pots for your guests, too. You can even have a pot decorating pre-party session to keep your guests excited about it.

You can get plant potting stations at your local superstore or online shopping websites such as Amazon. Once you have gathered all of your materials for your plant potting party, you can send out your party invitations to your desired guests. The invitations can be as simple as a text communication or you can make them fun with evites that match your gardening theme. It is all up to you and you can make it as cute, festive, or chill as you want. Gather your responses, planting materials and relax with your friends, family, and neighbors while you grow a new addition to your garden. It’s a great way to bond with loved ones and feel great about your new eco-friendly hobby!

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