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by Dr. Michael Krychman

With Covid-19 still raging across the nation, now more than ever we need to maintain our connectedness with our intimate partners and promote healthy sexual relationships. It’s normal to feel like the quarantine has drained our mojo. Many men and women are complaining of low libido, feeling disconnected and generally feeling down in the dumps. Keeping the sexual “sparkle” alive in your love life (when faced with anxiety and social distancing) is not an easy feat. Here are some helpful suggestions to keep the spark twinkling and shining in the bedroom.

Take some time to sexually explore different sexual accessories, erotica, books,  sexual positions, or lubricant with your partner. Take the journey to explore your fantasies and intimate pleasures.  Spend time communicating with each other, and by being  present in each other’s world. Practice mindfulness. Cherish your alone time as this will undoubtedly strengthen your intimate bond when you come together with your partner. Take a few moments to plan a special date night.  Consider setting up your master bedroom as a safe haven, with some sensual erotic touches. Choose some romantic mood music, or scented candles and prepare some tasty nibbles. Let your imagination take over and enjoy a quiet sexy night together.

Stay focused on your sexual health and vitality. Sexual health and general health  are integrated and intertwined. Sex may also boost immunity and may even help you combat the coronavirus should you be exposed. Maintain a healthy but intense exercise program while monitoring your food intake. Make sound food choices and avoid high sugary foods. Fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts and berries are a must to include in a well-balanced diet. Sex may also act as a good aerobic workout. Burn your  extra calories with vigorous lovemaking.  Intimate lovemaking may also be the answer to your sleep troubles.  The cuddle intimacy hormone, Oxytocin, is released during orgasm. It also promotes sleep, according to some published research. Getting enough sleep has also been linked to maintaining a healthy weight, and normalized blood pressure.

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Severe  vaginal and vulvar  atrophy can be a big buzz kill in the bedroom.  It can develop as a result of deprivation of estrogen, medications, or poor stimulation and can lead to painful intercourse. Vaginal moisturizers, lubricants and dilators are often considered front line treatment for loss of vaginal moisture and painful sex. Lubrigyn Cream® is a simple, safe, efficacious, and non-hormonal vaginal moisturizing product made with quality ingredients. It does not have any additives nor harsh ingredients and is high quality at affordable pricing. Lubrigyn Cream® created is by Uniderm, which is a family owned Italian business with a European philosophy that focuses on high quality and has attention to detail.

Kids screaming and complaining about home schooling? Frustrated with people who are not social distancing or wearing masks below their nose? Sex can be a great stress reliever and may act as a mood booster. It releases the feel-good hormones like oxytocin and endorphins, which can help decrease stress and decrease anxiety.

Last but not least, mutually sexual satisfaction is related to overall happiness, increased pair bonding, and improved quality of life. Good sex can be associated with a positive life outlook and overall happiness both in and out of your relationship.

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