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Have you been experiencing emotional dryness or lack of intimacy in your relationship? Here are some tips from Psychology Today to help keep the flame burning strong. Over time, the natural spark of intimacy will ebb and flow, and that’s totally normal. There are things you and partner can do keep the spark alive over time.

1.First and foremost, grow with each other.
It is important to first note that you will still grow as an individual. This will help you keep your identity and know who you are in the relationship. As each partner grows, the relationship starts to be stronger as you stay connected with one another. Always share your personal goals, growth goals and ambitions with each other. This will build and keep a tighter bond between the two partners. Always be open to change individually and maintain communication of those changes within the partnership.

2.Make memories together and surprise one another.
Share everything with each other. Thoughts, opinions and ideas are important pieces to making memories together. Travel or do something new with your significant other. Plan time with your partner to take away from everyday life: dinner, going for a walk or having a drink on your patio are all examples of this. In fact, date night on a regular basis offers time away from your everyday routine and time to connect intimately. Spontaneity keeps the relationship exciting. From your partner’s eyes, it’s hard to become bored of someone when there are constant surprises and “I wonder what’s next?” vibes.

3.Express gratitude often.
Expressing gratitude is a sign of appreciation to your partner. When one feels appreciated, it leaves little room for someone to feel like they are not good enough. Communicate what your partner means to you and how much you enjoy their company. A huge way to express gratitude is to be of service to the other one – not only when they need you but offer yourself to them even when they do not. Remember, each person is different and has their own habits and quirks. Do not sweat the small stuff, cherish every moment you have with your partner and tell them how happy you are to have them.

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4.Touch each other.
Yes, this can be sexual, but it does not have to be necessarily. Holding hands, kissing “hello”, smiles and maintaining eye contact are all ways to keep the intimacy alive. Anything that engages the senses in a positive way, do it! Go to bed together and do not go to bed angry at each other; resolve your issues before you go to sleep.

5.Try something new together and unplug.
Introduce new events and experiences like traveling or trying a new restaurant into your routine. While you are together, put your cellphone away. You want your focus to be entirely on your partner, so don’t let social media, texts or phone calls interrupt that. Your significant other will appreciate your full attention and reciprocate it.

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