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Traveling for the holidays is always memorable. This year, we want to make sure it’s for the right reasons!


Packing up the family and traveling out of state or abroad comes with lots of moving parts. You have to consider:


  • Basics you need (clothes, toiletries, accessories)
  • What’s happening at home (house sitter, home protection)
  • Travel must-haves (passports, credit cards, devices)
  • Kids accessories (toys, entertainment, personal needs)


It all adds up! To help make holiday travel smooth, and maintain your peace of mind when you’re away, here are some useful tips.


Lists Are Your Friend (And Easy to Find!)


Lists, lists, and more lists! The best time to prepare your suitcases and “time to leave” to-dos is during the planning process. Even if you’re the type who packs at the last minute, preparing a helpful packing list can save so much time and future headaches. Leave those “did I forget something?” feelings behind!


You can find pre-made packing lists on Pinterest or travel blogs. Print it out and customize with anything specific to your needs, like kids supplies, work things (if you’re working over the holiday) and medications.


Packing Hack: Group by Outfit


We love this hack from Enchanting Travels! Instead of packing shirts, pants, undergarments, and shoes separately, try packing by the outfit. Create weather-appropriate outfits for the place you’re visiting and wrap them together.


If you’re feeling fancy, pack them in separate freezer-bag size plastic Ziploc bags that are labeled! This will reduce wrinkling from tossing things around every morning.

Traveling Abroad? Call Your Bank & Phone Provider


This step is so essential! If you’re traveling abroad, the last thing you want to happen is for your credit card to be frozen, or your phone provider to charge outrageous roaming fees on your next bill. Many times, these things can be avoided by making a phone call in advance of your trip.


Let your bank know you’re traveling abroad, and on which dates. If you don’t currently have international calls on your phone, ask your provider if you can add it temporarily. If you can’t, find out how much you can expect to spend for roaming, and what is included in that. You may need to rely on Wi-Fi!


Secure Your Devices in More Ways Than One


If you’re traveling with phones, tablets, and laptops, you’ll want to ensure that your data and your devices are protected. At home, before you leave, backup your data to the Cloud or some other hard drive. Consider adding insurance to your devices if you can and if it fits your budget.


When traveling, keep your devices in your carry-on if possible. If not, invest in a key-less lock for your suitcase and pack devices tightly to avoid them being stolen or broken during your trip.


Going home for the holidays or taking a holiday during this time of year is a great way to reconnect and unwind from the stress of daily life. Don’t let packing and flights give you more stress! With these helpful tips and tricks, you’ll be able to achieve peace of mind while you’re away.

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