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Most of the popular smoothies are fruity and tropical. While they are tasty and sweet, they are not quite savory. To get a savory smoothie, you need herbs, leafy greens, spices and citrus. This is just to name a few. While some may think it is not appetizing to mix fruits and spices, it helps create a lasting, savory taste.

The trick to keeping your smoothie still tasting crisp and refreshing is to have your blender really cold. Taste buds are sensitive to temperature, so chilling smoothies will take some of that bitterness away. A good liquid base for savory smoothies is coconut water, any milk of your choosing (coconut, almond, etc.) or juices like tomato, carrot and apple. Some of the go-to savory fruits and veggies are melons (watermelon, honeydew, etc.), strawberries, sweet potato or cucumbers are good to start with as a base for substance. Then, you want to get something that is creamy or frosty and use raw fruits and vegetables. Avocado gives a good creamy texture or you could go to the opposite end of the spectrum and use cooked vegetables like squash, pumpkin or cauliflower. To add, you want to use leafy greens like spinach, kale, or collard greens. Finally, boost your nutrition with some protein powders, or probiotic powders.

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Savory Smoothie Ideas to Try:

1.Strawberries and Chocolate
Strawberries are a good way to get a dose of Vitamin C and they’re lower in sugar than most fruits. To this smoothie, you can add spinach and/or banana for a higher boost of nutrients, too. Cacao powder is also high in fiber, iron, magnesium and may have antidepressant effects.

2.The Ultimate Green Smoothie
There is a special type of fresh and salt water-based algae that is really good for you named Spirulina. This is one of the world’s healthiest foods. This alga is known as the complete protein because it contains all essential amino acids. Combine this with kale or hemp protein and you’ve got rich green, super healthy for you smoothie. This smoothie is good for the immune system, as well.

3.Spicy Cucumber Cilantro
Believe it or not, jalapeno boosts your metabolism! It’s good for easing digestion. Cilantro is a great source for Vitamin A and K, calcium and iron. This smoothie is low in calories and sugar, but big on health benefits.

4.Creamy Carrot Mango
Crunchy carrot and soft mango both contain higher levels of antioxidants in the form of vitamins A and C. Both of these boost immune system and are great for the eyes. Add a kiwi into the mix and you get more boosts of Vitamin C. You can also add cashews and flaxseeds for healthy oils. The two nuts also provide fats that help to reduce inflammation and help your brain to be healthier, too.

5.Spicy Tomato Gazpacho Smoothie
Savory smoothies are best when you combine appropriate ratios to newer additions. This recipe contains red bell pepper, cucumber, avocado, tomatoes and chopped cilantro.

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