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The holidays will be here before you know it! The average American will rack up about $1000 of debt over the holiday season, according to MagnifyMoney’s annual post-holiday debt survey.

So now is the perfect time to explore ways to stay out of debt between now and the New Year. Many people start thinking of side hustles in addition to their typical full-time work schedule in order to stay ahead of their planned holiday spend.


Here are a few ideas of side hustles to earn a little extra money between now and the holidays:

Drive for Uber or Lyft
– You get to choose your own hours and give as much or as little time as you want. And after expenses, you are walking away with $9-11 dollars an hour for your time. Not a bad way to pile up some holiday cash!

Pet Sit or Walk Dogs
– You can advertise in your neighborhood or sign up with online sites like, or When you offer a service like this, you are independent, and you can choose your customers and make as much as the market will allow. Many people charge $35-$45 per dog per night. And the best part is you get free pet therapy when you offer this service.

Prepare and Deliver Food
– So many people are limited with time and they just don’t want to prepare meals. If you love cooking or baking – getting flour on your face and butter between your fingers, this might be your perfect side hustle. Simply advertise in your community and you can easily make $25-$45 an hour doing something you love.

Pay it Forward
– Maybe you have a skill that you can pay forward to others. Imagine if you love singing or you play an instrument or you are good at some type of art. Why not teach others? People pay good money for this. And to make it really fun, you could do group classes to have people create something together with your guidance. A three hour class for 6 people could easily net you $60. And everyone walks away with something beautifully created with a wonderful teacher.

They key to stay out of debt is a little time and a lot of creativity. The possibilities are endless, and your reward will be a debt free holiday season. No holiday spending hangover for you.

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