August 28th, 2017 / / by Lubrigyn USA

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while the cleansing lotion does not contain anything toxic nor harmful, it can be used as a wipe on waterless lotion, or with water as a daily beautifying gentle cleanser.  Like most lotions,  it’s generally not recommended to use them immediately prior to sexual play or oral sex.  In addition, most will be somewhat absorbed into the area and a minimal amount will be on the surface.  It is generally suggested that you communicate with your partner. Many partners do not prefer any lotions in the genital area during sex play due to personal taste and preference. Discuss the issues with your partner and plan either waterless or water application accordingly.

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Made with the finest quality botanical ingredients and free of harmful additives, Lubrigyn features a silky, non-greasy lotion for daily feminine care, hygiene and comfort; and a rich moisturizing cream that soothes, protects and lubricates.

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