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Hello Elizabeth,

Lichen Sclerosis is a chronic progressive disease and seeking medical treatment from a specialized gynecologist for a complete history and physical examination is necessary. Treatments may change over time as well as the disease condition was progress with worsening symptoms, so it’s best to visit your health care practitioner.

Some vaginal estrogen creams contain chemical additives, that can burn, sting and irritate the delicate vaginal, vulvar and clitoral skin. All creams and soaps/ body cleansers are not created equal so it’s important to read the ingredient labels of any products that you may put in this delicate area.

Of note, many women use lubrigyn cleansing lotion, not only on their private areas of the vulvar and surrounding areas but report using it as a daily all body wash – it is safe, contains hyaluronic acid and elastin which will soothe any irritating area while gently cleansing. Be careful to avoid any washes that have harsh chemicals, or additives which may dry or irritate the skin.



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