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While we can’t speak for every man, we do understand that there’s a common understanding that sex is a main focus on the mind of men. For men, sex is a hunger and often based on physical appearance. In older men, the want for sex might come from seeing their wife step out of the shower or dressed nice for a night out. For younger men, the desire for sex can be brought on by simple teasing.

For women, sexual attraction is often about emotional connection as much as it is physical attraction. A man’s sexual desire could be considered the opposite of that. A man’s craving for sex is similar to a craving for chocolate. Each sexual experience has its own surprise-filled confection, like a box filled with a variety of chocolates he can explore at any time. A man’s mind is captivated by the thought of an opportunity to feel delighted and surprised.

For a man, sexuality is about energy. The hormonal energy gives him the drive and aggression to pursue his partner or partners. Sexuality enhances a man’s intimate relationship and excitement. His body is about pleasure that he would like to enjoy at full throttle. The joy of sex for men is all about a variety of sexual acts, positions and different motions. These are a great way to explore and elevate his gratification during sex. Every flirtation, smile or sexual innuendo is like a hit on a man’s brain.

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For some men, sex is the way they give love. When their spouse or partner becomes aroused it is the most exciting part of sex. In their hearts, there is an expectation of mutual bodily pleasure. Some men are offended when told that they are selfish for wanting what they want in the bedroom. For some men, sexual release gives the sense that they are finally home. For some men, sex embodies love, care and provides soothing emotions and support. While men are constantly accused of “only wanting sex”, most men want and feel a more emotional connection than a simple bodily release.  For most men, making love creates a genuine feeling of attachment to that partner. As a spouse or partner, it is important to remember to reassure your man that he is attractive and that you want him sexually.

Contrary to popular belief, sex often isn’t the only thing that is on a man’s mind when he meets a woman. It is, however, a key part of his relationship with her. Sex is a way for a man to express his love and devotion to his partner in a manner that both pleases and creates an emotional connection for him and her. Sexuality means more to men than just seeing who they can get next. Actually, it’s the opposite for most men. A simple flirtation can make a man be more interested in you as it relates to sexual fantasies in his mind, but it also starts a future attachment for his emotional desire, too.

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