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There are different ways of expressing your love to someone. Saying “I love you” can go much deeper than just the words. There are many ways to show actions that say the same thing as the phrase. You can speak to your partner (or significant other) through their love language or simply showing signs of appreciation. Learning your partner’s love language is important because that is how your partner wants to be shown you love them. The 5 different love languages are Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch.

Words of Affirmation:

If your partners’ love language includes words of affirmation, then your partner may need to be reassured, encouraged and to have you listen actively. When they express concerns to you, they want you to listen intently. To surprise your partner, you may want to give them a random love note, random text or say genuinely encouraging statements to them. They will feel more secure in the relationship.

Acts of Service:

You can always show your appreciation and love to a loved one by doing acts of kindness. Acts of Service can include simple things like pumping her gas, cleaning each other’s cars, or making a nice dinner for your significant other. You can also do something together such as clean your home together. You can also use statements similar to “I’ll help” and this lets your partner know that you are willing to be and are there for them. This will comfort your partner to let them know that you will be there for them when they need you.

Receiving Gifts:

You can show appreciation by surprising them with thoughtful gifts and gestures. Small things matter in big ways to individuals who speak this language. It is important to express gratitude when you receive a gift from individuals with this love language. You can give your partner something of sentimental value like a photo album of your dating days or her favorite jewelry. You can also buy their favorite item.

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Quality Time:

An individual who needs quality time will want dates and to spend time with you. Your partner will want to gain access to all your available time for as long as you let them. You may consider time spent as a movie night, dinner date or something simple such as talking for hours at a time. Quality time does not have to be in person, quality time can also be on a video call or phone call.

Physical Touch:

This love language is just as simple as the title – physical touch. An individual with this love language may want to hold your hand, long hugs, or gentle caresses. If your significant other’s love language is physical touch, they may also express this through intimate relations. Making love to that person can show them you love them as much as you say.

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There are many ways to express to someone that you love them without needing to state the phrase “I Love You”. Learn about your partner’s love language, and learn more about your own, too! This way, you can help ensure that both of you feel seen, understood, and loved.

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