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Create a couple code that works for your relationship.

When two people meet and sparks fly, it is truly beautiful. The honeymoon phase happens and then slowly surrenders itself withing the relationship. Once the honeymoon phase is less obvious within the relationship, more defining characteristics appear. This means that boundaries start to form within the dynamic and the two individuals start trying to teach each other how each wants to be treated to make the relationship long lasting. Thus, the couple code was born! Couple code is understanding what the relationship needs, creating the ‘rule’ to set the boundaries for the relationship and then implementing those rules.

Opening Lines of Communication in Your Relationship

Communication is key to any relationship, but while you are in the phase of creating the couple code it is even more important. You have to be specific with what you are looking for in the relationship and expressing that to your partner. If you want date nights to stay a constant thing in your relationship, voice it to your significant other. From there, you can create a guide for the two of you to keep the relationship feeling new even when it is not. Date nights twice a month, talking to each other before making huge financial decisions or even something such as needing your partner home every night to sleep together.

You may be one that wants to keep what happens between the two of you strictly between the two of you, so no communication with family/friends about every fight.  Lay out what is needed and build upon that. Remember, you need to be very specific in what you need and are looking for in a partner. Honeymoon phase is fun, but to keep the relationship a happy one you need to have barriers that should not be crossed and keep having fun with each other.

Identifying Each Other’s Needs

Sometimes it is easier to sit down and talk about what boundaries should be in place when looking at what the other person needs in the relationship. There are some individuals who do not know how they need or want to be loved by their partner and as their partner you are able to suggest some things needed to make the other person happy.

For example, if physical touch is a part of your partner’s love language, then when making the couple code you can say when we watch TV we should cuddle. It could be something simpler like displaying your love for each other while out on dates such as holding hands. Learning each other wants, likes and dislikes is going to be key in creating the couple code.

When you have created this special code with your partner, immediately put it into action. The code will not be perfect at first and it will require work. One can only imagine that prior to getting into a relationship you did not have a couple code, so expect it to take some time to get used to. As long as you have the open-door communication for edits to the code, as needed, then your relationship will remain strong and long lasting. Commit to what you have placed before each other.

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