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Find peace in your own space by turning an ordinary area into a Zen getaway.

Calendars are full and there are many things to do in your daily life. It can feel next to impossible to make time for peace. Yet, making space for a little calm each day is absolutely necessary to maintaining your sanity. Things can get harder if you’re working from home and your kitchen table has been transformed into a work desk. So, how can you create a little more peace in your day? Try building a Zen retreat in your home! All you need is a little space and a few things you love.

Zen Garden

Determine Your Purpose

What do you hope to achieve during your Zen time? Are you looking to spend a few minutes reading a good book to unwind? Want to have a Zen space to enjoy your morning cup of coffee and think about what you need to do that day? The reason for your Zen space will help you determine where to have it and what to do with your space. Some common Zen area purposes include:

  • Reading nooks
  • Yoga spaces
  • Journaling areas
  • Netflix catch-up

Choose A Quiet Place

The first step to creating a Zen area in your home is to choose a quiet place you can have to yourself. This could be an entire room – for instance, the office where you work and much of the day. However, it could also just be a chair in a corner. Any space where you know you can have a little me-time away from kids, devices, and distractions will do.

Zen Garden

Decide Your Mood

A “Zen” area may stir up images of meditations and candles, but that doesn’t have to be the case for you. What type of feeling would you like to have in your personal Zen area? Are you looking to get cozy, or to energize yourself? You may want a little more sunshine in your day, making a window seat a great option. However, you may decide that a relaxing bath is the perfect Zen space for you to unwind. What mood do you want in your personal space?

Add the Right Tools

Now it’s time to go back to your purpose. What did you set out to do in your Zen space? What tools do you need to achieve that? A reading nook would likely require a selection of books, perhaps a few pens for notes, and likely a cozy blanket. An adult coloring corner, however, would lend itself to having a sturdy desk, an assortment of colors, and paper. Then, don’t forget to accessorize! Candles, aromatherapy, relaxing playlists, and beautiful images can help you create the dreamy space you crave. All of these things together can help you find a little more Zen in your everyday life – and we all need that.



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