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Did you ever wonder what happens to your skin as you age? From the moment we enter the world, it is being exposed to harsh elements that can cause it to be unhealthy and damaged.

If you are like me, you look into the mirror and you see the progression of exposing your body to a hostile environment. This is why we all need to consider every single product that we use around our homes that comes into contact with our skin.

Botanical essential oils are naturally derived from plants found all around us and they have tremendous healing powers. The oil is extracted from the root, bark, stem, leaves, flowers, fruit or seeds by using heat or cold pressing. And they contain valuable minerals, vitamins and proteins.

Consider aloe. Many people rely on the healing power of aloe squeezed from leaves of an aloe plant when they have sunburn. That soothing feeling is oh so nice when you rub aloe onto your burning skin.

Not only are botanical oils good for your skin, they can be used to relieve pain and to manage common maladies of the human body. Most commonly we hear about oils that reduce inflammation, have antioxidants and are antimicrobial.

In addition to aloe vera, some common botanicals are chamomile, ginger, lavender, lemon, peppermint, olive oil, jojoba oil and sweet almond oil.

As I learn about all of the properties of botanicals from all around the world, I am transforming my habits. Before, I would have mindlessly grabbed products at the store that contained harsh chemicals and creams. Now, I read the ingredients and I research. This has led to choosing products full of healthy elements like botanical essential oils.

Transforming how I choose products for my daily regimen has given me healthier skin and I feel so much better. Instead of reaching for items found in the pharmacy section of a drug store, I research to find all natural products with botanical oils that will bring healing to my body.

The next time you enter a store to purchase common household items and daily regimen products, read the contents. And research. Be mindful. Choose products like Lubrigyn that have natural botanical oils. Your body will thank you because it will feel oh so nice inside and out.

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