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A strong moral compass and a sense of personal responsibility are both significant things to consider when choosing your partner. You want someone you can rely on, lean on, and depend on through good and bad times. It turns out, a good sense of humor is just as important—if not more so, especially in day-to-day life!

As Writer Jim Priest says, “laughter is a good life lubricant, especially when the machinery of life is grinding on you.” Laughter can be a spiritual healer in times of stress, can improve your mood, and even strengthen your relationship. Also, when things aren’t that funny, being open to seeing the humor in any situation is a big key to happiness in your relationship.

In fact, studies show that there are many benefits to having a sense of humor in times of relationship conflict:

  • Form a stronger bond with your partner: laughing together feels great, and doing it with your partner regularly can strengthen your bond
  • Diffuse high-stress situations: when tensions rise, and it seems like there’s nothing useful left to say, insert a timely joke can help things fizzle out
  • Put things in perspective: even when the moment is dark, it helps to take a second look from a different perspective. Humor serves as a great way to unlock the hidden joke in a situation, reframing it in a way that’s less damaging to a relationship.
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Even with an understanding of why humor can strengthen your relationship, without the how, it’s meaningless. So, how can you add laughter to your life?

  • Create inside jokes: “remember that time, with the guy, and the macaroni?” inside jokes are little words or phrases that remind you and your partner of a funny situation. It’s something that only the two of you understand, which makes it special, therefore strengthening your bond.
  • Engage in play: that’s an order! Make your next date night game night orpull up a free trivia app on your phone and start asking your partner questions (at an appropriate time, of course.) Play isn’t just for kids—it’s a fun, active way to work together and bond.
  • Flirt with your partner: this often goes overlooked. You’re already in a relationship, after all! However, flirting is all about playfulness, banter, and laughter. Tease your partner with cute flirting in public at a restaurant, or in your own home. It doubles as a great way to help your partner feel more appreciated!
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Adding humor into your daily life—even when it’s hard—has proven benefits for your relationships and your mental health. By engaging with your partner in playful, engaging humor, you’ll both feel better, and strengthen your relationship in the process.

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