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Get some skin time by cuddling with your partner to boost closeness.

How Cuddling Affects the Body

Have you ever wondered whether the skin-to-skin technique, which is beneficial for newborn babies, has any effect on you as an adult? You may be surprised to find that it does! Quite similar to those skin-to-skin interactions of a newborn and their mother, cuddling with your loved one offers many benefits. Promote healthier communication, intimacy, stress relief, improved development, and physical/mental growth with this activity. The unspoken language, touch, removes some barriers to expressing love, like not being able to find the words to say how you feel.

Cuddling Helps You Express Your Love and Comfort

To soothe someone we care about, we often touch a hand or rub their back. However, embracing them can have a more profound impact on sadness and loneliness, irritation, and anger, or even nervousness and fear. Moreover, these mildly therapeutic benefits only scratch the surface of the power of the cuddle. Snuggling closely with your loved ones can help you communicate more easily their importance to you. Avoid killing the mood by instead wrapping your loved one in an embrace that conveys your physical need or desire for their touch and affection.

Seal the Deal with Trust While You Cuddle

By cuddling you can also provide further stimulation for your partner during intimate moments as you’re signaling your complete trust and appreciation for the shared moment. Cuddling can trigger the fireworks of passion. Plus, consider the benefit of cuddling after intimacy is said and done – the passion remains, but it surpasses primitive physical need. Embracing in this way, following your private moment, can relay that you are present emotionally which ensures neither party feels unwanted.

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Positive Affects on Your Relationship

In addition, the after-cuddle promotes sincerity as well as allows each individual an opportunity to revisit the exchange and think over the fiery exchanges shared. A couple that cuddles following sex experiences increased physical satisfaction and overall satisfaction in their relationship. What’s more, by cuddling we can reduce stress as it allows us an opportunity to melt into one another and allow the weight of the day to fall from our shoulders.

Cuddling is a great mood-booster than can signify trust, love, and appreciation for your partner. Boost closeness with your partner and make cuddling a part of your everyday life!




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